Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kickball is my favorite past time.

Sorry folks, no great story this week. But here's a bunch of golden things that happened recently:
We convinced Elder Pham that he was supposed to be showering with a bathing suit on. I told him it was in the white handbook and everything. He was really worried for a while that he had been breaking the rules the entire time, and Sister Litchfield told him that he should probably talk to the branch president about it. He's a goob and believed us for a couple hours. Hahaha.
Kickball is my favorite past time.
The zone has been playing kickball everyday and it's basically the BEST thing ever. Because I'm a ManBear and kickball was the only sport East Hollywood participated in, I am a kickball master. Playing really gets out all of our anger because we yell at each other the entire time. Sister Litchfield was running to second base where Elder Phung, the tiny little Asian kid who looks like he's 15, was standing. She ran full speed towards him screaming "Move it, Phung!!" That's probably the highlight of my week. One of the games Elder McGavin was up to kick and completely missed the ball multiple times. Right after that he was in outfield and laying on the ground because he was laughing so hard, and someone kicked the ball directly to him. I completely lost it! I started screaming at the top of my lungs at him. He had one job -  and he blew it. I could probably tell a million stories of funny things that have happened during kickball, but you have to be there to truly understand how hilarious it is. So sorry that you're missing out on awesome kickball games!
One thing that is really obnoxious at the MTC is missionaries are always walking around trying to talk to other people in the language they're learning. I mean, I get that you're practicing, but obviously I don't speak Maltese. So whenever people try to talk to me in their languages I just say trai cai, which means fruit. I think everyone at the MTC thinks that trai cai means hello in Viet, but really I'm just calling them all fruits.
Sister Litchfield and I had to go to the hospital again because she had the 24 hour flu. This hospital visit was cool as well. We met Elder Lund of the Seventy, saw a newborn baby being cleaned (I actually hated seeing that), met a family who's daughter had just had her first child and named him Indiana Jones, and talked to a girl working at the gift shop who is considering serving. The hospital is a sweet place to meet cool people!
When the Elders need someone to be interviewed for baptism the zone leaders interview them. The zone leaders don't speak Vietnamese though, so Sister Litchfield and I translate the interview. It was going smoothly...until we asked about the Word of Wisdom and she said that she had only been following it for...ONE DAY. Dang it! Well, that didn't fly so now we will have to meet with her in three weeks to interview her again. That was a bummer. But in three weeks we're going to be in CAM-BAM! That's right, 12 days left until we leave!! We should be getting our travel plans tomorrow! I cannot believe I have already spent seven weeks here! Cray.
Because my zone is so huge my branch now has a fourth counselor! But in two weeks over 30 of us are leaving and the zone will be about 10 people. So that will be interesting. Oh and the new counselor has a beautiful wife and it's really weird because they're fairly old.
Sorry I don't have much to say, but if you vote for me I'll make your wildest dreams come true.
With heap loads of love,
Sister Egelund

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