Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yo yo yiggidy yo!

Yo yo yiggidy yo! (Sorry, that's not Vietnamese)
- I just got done hosting a new sister missionary going to Hong Kong. She's the sister of an Elder in my zone, Elder Choi, and she's in our zone too! It's going to be so weird to have siblings together! If Eric was with me in the MTC right now I would probably just hang out with him all the time and we would tell jokes on jokes. 
So how is everyone doing? How is my pet goldfish, Joey? I really hope he's waiting for me...
- Everyone here has been worrying about this whole government fiasco. To everyone that wrote in my letters "the government shut down", then didn't say anything else about it, you are the worst! If you don't tell me about things going on in the world, there is no way I will know what's happening. So I would appreciate a bit more detail. Please and thank you. Seriously though, we are so cut off from the world it's crazy! The first time we watched a movie here it was so weird and my first thought was "Ooooh moving pictures!" Haha.
- I have been sick for two weeks now and it's the whips. I feel like two cents all the time, which in turn makes me super irritable...and it's making me fat. You know, I might be getting fat because I have no self control; regardless, I hate it. My teachers say I'll lose tons of weight in Cam-Bam though, so let's keep our fingers crossed for that! 
-GENERAL CONFERENCE!! I loved watching conference so much, especially the Saturday sessions. So you know how President Monson announced how many missionaries were in the field? Right after he said that this insane sister raised her arms and screamed! Everyone turned to her and gave her death glares. I was pretty embarrassed FOR her. lol I suppose she's just really YOLO'ing up the mission. 
Anyway, I loved that there was so much emphasis on member-missionaries. "The greatest and most important duty is to share the gospel." How true that is! Even before I became a full-time missionary, I loved sharing this glad message with otherS! The message of the restored gospel is something I hope everyone has the opportunity to hear. The joy and Spirit you can feel when sharing is amazing! I really hope you're all doing everything you can to be missionaries!
Sorry this is short. Weeks are all blending together so I don't remember what happened this week. 
I love you all! Be good. Keep it real, keep it fresh.
 There are so many people here from Southern Virginia U! This is probably 1/16 of the SVU
population that's here.

All the sisters going to Cambodia thought it would be funny to take a picture with our helmets on...we got a lot of weird looks while taking this one.

Part of the zone between conference sessions on Saturday. It's mostly just the Hmong Elders.

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