Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oh, hey.

Well, folks.
I have been serving for four months....
and my siblings have not emailed me once.
I regret to inform you that I am boycotting weekly emails until those stinkin' kids email me.
Just know that I am not dead. The work is progressing - yesterday the third meeting house in all of Vietnam opened. We currently have three branches in the country and are hoping for a fourth by the end of 2014!
New Year's was decent. I got kinda bummed remembering that for the past two years I was in Disneyland for New Years. This year I'm a missionary though and that's totes magotes a million times better.
I love you all. I love Jesus. Lit-rally he's my best friend.
-Sister Trinh Ly

While at the MTC I seriously saw about 30 - 40 people I knew from Southern Virginia University. It was nuts. Yesterday while teaching a lesson at the church I looked up at an old photo of the general authorities and saw SVU's President, President Sybrowsky. Apparently he was a member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy...I come all the way to Vietnam and I cannot escape Virginia.
There was a poisonous frog in the chapel and the security guy went hard trying to kill it with a broom. Thank goodness I had learned the word for capture animal that morning. That little bugger was fast though so it is potentially still in the church. NBD

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