Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Struggle - A Story of a Homely Amerasian

January 19, 2014

We meet again.
This week was unfortunately fairly slow. We got struck with the "Leo Cây" like three times. Leo cây translates to "climb the tree"...basically we had a bunch of lessons that people didn't show up to. The struggle.
I got to do my very first contacting in English this week though! It was like stepping into a parallel universe. We're not allowed to openly proselyte here in Vietnam to the Vietnamese people, which includes: not wearing our nametags, not giving out pamphlets, no going to investigators homes, and we don't even refer to ourselves as missionaries outside of the church, we're "Branch Builders". Our finding tools are very limited to the natives, but we can openly share with foreigners. I met a French man at a nearby coffee shop the other day and shared the three pamphlets and it was super sick, but super duper weird to be talking about the gospel in English. I haven't talked about Jesus in English for like three months! He was extremely interesting and said that right before we rode up on our bikes he was thinking about God. He also shared that ten years ago while living in Germany he was in a village and a crazy man on LSD gave him a Book of Mormon...Fun stuff, right? I like being a missionary.
I had to translate in Relief Society yesterday for the English speaking women...the topic was planning out meal schedules for families and it was all based on the food pyramid...aaaaaall vocabulary that I don't know. Once again, The Struggle.

If I were to ever write a book it would probably be called 'The Struggle - A Story of a Homely Amerasian"
That's it for now.

Sorry I get more and more boring as the time goes on.

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