Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada

February 2, 2014

Not many updates this week, but here are some deets:
So Chi Tien and I are companions now! Other than the harsh reality that she doesn't speak much English and I don't speak much Vietnamese things are really good between us. I've been blessed with having super good makes me a little afraid that I'm the bad companion that no one wants to be with though...
This week was the Lunar New Year or Tet. This holiday is super interesting because every single business closes for three days or more and the streets are empty during the day and hoppin' and poppin' at night. The weird thing is that Tet felt more like Christmas than Christmas did. One way that the two holidays are similar is the excess eating...You don't say that you celebrate Tet, you say that you "eat Tet". And we definitely ate Tet. Not too worried about gaining weight though because I'm now serving in the two branches in Saigon. The entire city of Saigon, with it's whatever millions of people, is my entire area. My bike and I are best friends now.
Eating Tet. This is only one of the meals, we actually ate Tet like five times. Oh and there was a white guy there from Sweden and EVERYONE wanted pictures with him. Sometimes I wish I was white so people would like me more. Psych.
 We were supposed to be getting two Elders transferred over to Vietnam from Cambodia last week, but one of them got hit by a car and dislocated his elbow so we have to wait for him to recover before he comes. I didn't even know that you could dislocate your elbow...
Flower Festival with my homies. If life was like myspace and you could choose a top ten, it would be these people. (Hopefully someone got that.)
 Went to the flower festival in District One this week. As I've said before I hate District One because it has all the good shopping. Versace, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, the list goes on and on and it all just reminds me that I'm wearing clothes from the DI and I ride a bike around.
The Louis Vuitton store...
That's what they call the good life though so I'm not too upset. The flower festival was less flowers more Vietnamese people taking selfies. If you thought white people were bad with always taking pictures of coffee and sushi on Insta-G, that's nothing compared to how many pictures we take her in Vietnam. Every. Single. Meal begins with photos. It's all good fun though and I just feel like a super model...
That's it for the week. I'll try this coming week to do something interesting. Next week I have to go to Cambodia for a couple days. Let's hope I don't dislocate my elbow. Just kidding. Don't worry, mom...
...I've got church insurance so you won't have to pay for it if I go to the hospital.
Catch ya on the flip side.

 Egelund out.

U of U hoodie riding down the streets of V-Nam.
Versace store. #FirstWorldProblemsInAThirdWorldCountry

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