Tuesday, August 19, 2014


July 27, 2014

Serving in Thảo Điền is wonderful, because all of the recent converts that Sister Trà and I take care of are people that I taught as investigators. Coming back and seeing them is like meeting completely new people. They have all changed and progressed so much within only a few months. I once thought that people who said "the light of Christ could shine from someone's face" were crazy people. How can someone literally seem brighter and happier? Looking at these recent converts though I really do see a light in them that I didn't see before. They really have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Ghost! So while I have been trying to help them see the changes in themselves I have been thinking a lot about the things that I myself have changed while serving a mission for nearly a year.

First, I'm a lot more Vietnamese now. Everyone just tells me that I'm a full Viet now...except for the fact that I don't speak Vietnamese. For example: I seriously eat anything put in front of me. No holding back even if it looks like it's still alive...just kidding. Kind of. I eat desserts and meat that come out of banana leaves. And I can't eat anything without soy sauce or fish sauce. (The new elder can't eat fish sauce and everyone thinks he's a freak.) Oh, and I get freaked out about my skin getting dark when I go outside and I always run to the shade under trees to protect myself.
Second, I'm a lot calmer and less sarcastic.That's a little weird.
Third, well I asked Sister Hunsaker if she thinks anything has changed about me while I've been on my mission. *long pause "...you changed your eyebrows."
And that's it people. I Emily Egelund am a new woman. I would write more but we're going out to eat Phở so see ya later.

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