Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Food is Love

September 14, 2014

I'm short on time today so here's a quick recap of the week:
Monday - I slept. P-days are grool.
Tuesday - We ate three meals in a row. It was supposed to be four but one had to be cancelled because Sister Tra and I were beginning to see the light. Food is how Vietnamese people show love. Seriously. They don't say I love you, they just make good food for each other. I love being loved...until I'm fat.
Wednesday - At the end of English class we had all the students get together and watch the Restoration video. It was the largest group we've had in a while and everyone was super into the movie. I looked around and everyone was smiling and I was super happy. And I've learned that when things are going right in missionary work, there seems to always be something that tries to stop the work. RIGHT at the part where Joseph Smith is praying and he looks up and sees "a pillar of light over his head" the video just stopped. #PMITF Everyone freaked out and the kids were sighing because they didn't know what was happening. It was like at the end of National Treasure 2 when they bring up "page 47" in the Book of Secrets and you're so excited to know what the secret is but then the movie ends. So the Restoration video stopping was comparable to that...
Fortunately for me, as an Asian, being tech savvy is part of my blood so I got it fixed and it was a grand evening at English class.
Thursday - We went hard with contacting. Some guy on the street invited us into his house after 15 seconds of talking (we had Khanh as our body guard so it was totes safe. No worries.) THIS MAN WAS EXACTLY LIKE DAVID SPADE AND I ALMOST CRIED BECAUSE I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD AT EVERYTHING HE SAID. I am proud to announce that I have found my Vietnamese best friend! 
I also accidentally contacted a police officer that was undercover...We all thought we were going to go to jail. Haha #YOSMO (You Only Serve A Mission Once)
Friday - We were supposed to have a big billion hour long zone training...until the zone leader didn't get back from Cambodia in time.
Saturday - "Sister Tra, do you know who the Beatles are?", I said. She replies, "Ummmm. Band with Justin Timbaaa...." *I literally punched myself in the face*
Sunday - I went to church and they made me translate...little do they know that when I translate I just make up and teach my own lesson because I can't translate. Jokes on them.

See you later alligator.

Photo 1: This is my cool bike. His name is Marty McFly because there's a sticker that came with the bike that says Back to the Future!
Photo 2: Sometimes Khanh tries to teach me Vietnamese but I don't know what he's saying so he has to do things like this as an example of the word he's explaining.

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