Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One week down in the MTC!

Well, hello real world people!                                             

So the MTC is amazing, but it's like living in a parallel universe. So let me tell you about my district because they're amazing! There are six elders and two sisters, my companion Sister Litchfield and I. We're all going to Cambodia except for an Elder going to Australia and an Elder going to Anaheim, California. That's the mission Ashly lives in, so if you see Elder Seegmiller tell him I say hi! Everyone is Vietnamese except for Sister Litchfield, she's just a white girl from Florida. The names of the Elders are: Pham the elder, Pham the younger, Tran, Ho, Ha and Seegmiller. Pham the elder, Ha and Ho are all being fast tracked so they'll all be out in three weeks! I could probably be fast tracked but that would leave my companion all alone. Besides, I am way too scared to be in Cambodia in just three weeks. I love my district though. They're what's keeping me sane. We have a lot of fun together, but we also learn SO much from one another. The first few days we spent a lot of time learning Vietnamese from one another, and now we are spending a lot of time just sharing our favorite scriptures and testimonies with one another. After just a couple days we already felt like family! I don't know if everyone feels like this and just doesn't talk about it, but being part of a district is so amazing and supportive. Missionary work is the! 
We have an investigator named Hang, we've been teaching her since Friday. It's so fun to teach, but really difficult. I understand everything she is asking me, but I have no idea how to say anything back. We not only have to simplify lessons to make them easier for her to understand, but we also have to dumb things down so we can communicate with her. We've already taught her about prayer and a little bit about the prophet President Monson - she wanted to know if he spoke Vietnamese haha. Tonight we're going to back track a little bit and teach her about The Restoration. 
WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS MORNING! Goodness I just love the temple! It was so fun to see my entire zone dressed in white! Seriously, if you are able to attend the temple, DO IT!! I promise you it is worth it. And yesterday at the devotional I had the opportunity to sing in the choir, that was amazing too. The speaker talked about member missionaries, which has been one of my favorite topics lately. It seriously is so important that members seek those that need to hear The Gospel! And it is suuuuper important that they fellowship not only recent converts in their wards, but remember to love those that are active and less-active. A missionary works to bring others unto Christ and to baptism, and a member works to help them progress in coming unto Christ! 
Well there's not much else to say, sorry this is boring. The Church is still true! Everyone stay righteous and WRITE ME LETTERS! I feel like a loser when they hand out mail and I don't get any. It makes me feel better though when the Elders get huge packages of candy and I just eat all of it.
I love you all, and Jesus loves you even more!
-Sister Emily Egelund AKA Chi Trinh (Sister Trinh - the name I will use on my mish)

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  1. Emily (or should I say Sister?), not boring at all! I loved reading all about the MTC and such. Brings back such great memories. Enjoy your time there, and be ready for more amazing experiences soon!