Friday, September 20, 2013

The Situation - Week 2

So here's the sitch with week two at the MTC:
On Thursday our fast track Elders left our district. It was a bummer to see them go. Now our district is only Elder Seegmiller, Pham the younger, Tran and Sister Litchfield and I. We get tons more done now that our class is smaller! We have two teachers now, Sister Bayles and Sister Pinter. They both served in Cambodia about a year ago and now they're best friends. They're basically the coolest ladies ever.
Our teachers are also our investigators. Preparing to teach investigators is basically the scariest thing ever, but once we get into the lesson things are pretty awesome! The hardest thing is completely relying on the Spirit to tell you what to say and not trying to plan every single thing. The more I have been relying on the Spirit the better my lessons have been though!
The MTC is like a big huge class reunion. I know at least 20 people here! I cannot go anywhere in this place without seeing someone I know. I love seeing people I know, it makes things a little less stressful when I can talk to an old friend. SPEAKING OF OLD FRIENDS...Why has no one written me letters?! I have a big sign over my head reading 'Sister Egelund is a loser' because I never get mail! So this is my discrete way of saying I want letters from all of you.
So sorry my topics aren't very coherent; I have become a speed typer trying to get everything written.
The sister missionaries will be singing in the General Conference Relief Society broadcast! But here's the thing...they'll only let you sing in it if you are good. They made us fill out a survey asking about our musical background and one of the questions was "What level of choir have you performed in?" The lowest level was ward that means my required 7th grade choir doesn't even make the cut. Wha Whaa Whaaaaaaa.
Okay, I think that's all I have to say this week. I am pretty boring as a missionary. Xin Loi Khong Xin Loi, that means sorry not sorry. It's one of the first things I taught myself to say in Vietnamese! Oh, I learned how to bear my testimony in Vietnamese this week! It's so amazing how one day I think there is no way I can remember a word, then the next morning I have tons of words stuck in my head that I didn't even know I knew.
I hope everyone in the real world is doing well! I love you all! Keep it real!
-Sister Egelund
Here's my address if anyone wants to write me:
Sister Emily Marie Egelund
2007 North 900 East UNIT 48
Provo, UT 84602

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