Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Things get weirder and weirder by the week.

And yet another adventurous week.
This week's great story happened on Saturday while riding back from a part-member families home. Sister Van and I were visiting a nonmember who just had a baby about a week ago and the Elders, Anh Ca Minh and Anh Ca Van were there too visiting her husband who is a member. It was about 6:30 and we had to leave to go to District Conference at the church. I was hoping that I could just follow behind the Elders so that they could lead the way, but I ended up getting stuck behind a bunch of motos so we lost them in the crowd. About 10 minutes later while getting ready to go up the treacherous Saigon bridge I saw a huge group of people stopped in the street. There was probably about 30 people off their motorcycles standing around in a circle. I figured it was an accident so I tried to look away in fear that I would see something awful, but as I took a quick glance I saw Elder Van pushing his way out of the circle, and Elder Minh getting up off the ground. Yeah, the Elder's were in an accident. As Chi Van and I pulled up and got through the crowd of people there was a man lying on the ground with people trying to help him. He was unconscious and there was tons of blood everywhere. To be honest, I thought I was looking at a dead man. Elder Minh wasn't bleeding or anything, but he was unable to walk very well. After quite a while the man started moving a bit so they put him in a taxi to take him to the hospital. Who needs an ambulance when you can just throw a dying man into the back of a taxi?
So before I go on, don't worry everything is okay. That was extremely scary, but everyone is fine!
Here's the interesting part though. While standing on the street someone tapped on my shoulder and I turned around to see a familiar face. I didn't know what her name was, but I knew that I knew her and figured she was a member. She apparently has some medical training to she went to help Elder Minh. She assured me everything would be okay, then she left. While Chi Van and I were riding to the church for conference Chi Van asked me what the name of that lady was. I told her I didn't know what her name was but that I figured she was a member. Come to find out she's not a member, she's one of our students from English class. While in conference she called us and told us she would bring some medicine to the church for Elder Minh. Once she got to the church we invited her to stay at the conference and she accepted!
Haha. So there's the silver lining of the story! Elder Minh had to get into an awful accident, but because of that we got a non-member to attend a church meeting with us. I always knew the Lord worked in mysterious ways, but things are just getting odd.
As for other news:
-We have an investigator scheduled for baptism this Sunday! She's gold! We taught her about tithing yesterday (which is always a scary one to teach) and she said she had already read the pamphlet about it while at English class and she understands it's importance! Saaaahweeet!
-Yesterday we biked for an hour to get to a members home...my butt still hurts because of that. And I saw a guy dead on the side of the street on the way there.
That's it for this week. I'm loving it here! Also, no one ever updated me on the status of my goldfish Joey. If he's dead, just tell me. I'd like to know now instead of getting home expecting to see him and he's gone. Thanks a heap.
-Sister Egelund

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