Sunday, December 1, 2013

Obesity for the win

I do not understand how the time goes by so quickly! I have been in the mission field for almost a month now!
So there is no insane story for this week. Sorry about that folks.
Yesterday I had my first baptism! Chi Sen was baptized and it was a 10!
Chi Sen at her baptism!
On Friday the Thao Dien district went to a members house for service. We spent hours cutting down trees and weeds with butcher knives so they can plant a garden. When we first began Anh Ca Hieu, our district leader, looked at a small tree and said "This is a good starter" then cut it down. Well, a few minutes later the neighbor came out and yelled at us. Elder Hieu cut down her banana tree. Whoops. It's okay though because the members cooked it and we ate it for dinner. Haha. Tomorrow we get to go back and plant the garden. Everyone kept asking me what I thought about yard work like we don't do it in America or something...
The cousins at church! It's a pretty unique thing to be serving in a branch, but also having my family here.
My companion makes me eat everything that members give us. Consequently I am getting fat. That is my reasoning for not sending any pictures lately, plus missionary work just makes you ugly.
Fun realization: I should be getting home just after Valentines day 2015. Do you know what that means?! I get to go to Walmart and get tons of discounted candy. So family and friends, I am inviting you now to join me in the celebration.
Oh speaking of celebrations - Thanksgiving! The twelve of us went out to eat at a restaurant with the senior couple, Elder and Sister Perry. The restaurant was nice, but the food was basic and overpriced. We did the typical thing of going around the table and saying one thing you're grateful for; basically it was a testimony meeting. I have a lot to be grateful for this year though. Most recently, I'm grateful that not only I'm serving a mission, but I'm serving in Vietnam. I'm grateful for the temple (which I miss so much). I'm grateful that I was able to go to school in Virginia and have so many wonderful experiences. I am grateful that my friends and family are doing well and that I have been able to grow closer with many of them through serving. I'm grateful for La Frontera and that they have the best smothered burritos in the world. Really, I'm just grateful for everything. This past year is not what I expected at all, but I loved every moment of it!
Even more family! Haha these ones are from America and came by the church to say hi while they were visiting.
That's all for this week. I'll try to have crazier experiences this upcoming week to keep you all entertained.
Happy holidays from Vietnam where it's always hot and humid.

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