Thursday, March 13, 2014

Headin' to Cam Bam

First, I'm getting transferred to Cambodia!
I'm staying in the good ol' Thao Dien branch here in Ho Chi Minh City! I've been serving here since I started my mission, but I'm not complaining. Lots of people stay here for like 6 + months . It's like the eternal area. Once you come to Ho Chi Minh City you never leave Ho Chi Minh City.
Elder Tran and Elder Pham from my MTC district are coming to Thao Dien! Those kids keep me youthful. Haha. There are four sisters that live in my apartment - three Viets and me...the American. Sometimes I feel like an outsider because I've got 0 jokes in Vietnamese, so it'll be nice to speak English with people again. That may sound selfish, but seriously, speaking a foreign language 24/7 is such a headache sometimes. I consider this new transfer a tender mercy from Heavenly Father.
This week was a spiritual high! On Saturday Sister Tien and I had the opportunity to teach a recent convert family who is AMAZING! They've been baptized for about a month now and they're already making plans to go to the temple which is all the way in the Philippines. We taught them about prophets to prepare them for their first general conference. The mother of the family, Co Ha, was so excited when I explained to her that she would be listening to the words of the prophet next month. It was nice to have someone be SO excited for the lesson we shared. I just love that family! Plus Co Ha has a wooden leg that makes her 10x cooler!

This week was spent teaching everyone about the importance of a living prophet - Thomas S. Monson, or as the Vietnamese pronounce it "Thomat Et Montun". Haha It's crazy that nearly a year and a half ago President Monson announced that I could serve my mission at age 19, and now here I am in "the land of my people" teaching the happiest message in the world! I will forever be grateful that a month before the announcement was made in general conference that the spirit was prompting me to pray about serving a mission. I'm grateful that I decided to wake up that Saturday morning in November and watch the first session of general conference in my footie pajamas. And I'm grateful that our living prophet is receiving revelation to guide us.
God is good. God is great.
Yesterday was zone conference with my mission president, President Moon and Elder and Sister Funk of the Asia area presidency. The conference was EXACTLY what I needed. I could go into all the details, and I could write for hours about all the wonderful things I learned. Here's the gist of it: The first vision is super duper powerful - so memorize it. And if you wanna receive revelation you have to read the scriptures, pray and go to church. Heavenly Father is just waiting to help us but we have to use our faith and walk towards Him. "Come unto Christ. Come unto Him. And by his grace be made holy again. He's calling your name. He's waiting for you. With arms open wide - come unto Christ."
I love you all and hope you're feeling like a million bucks.
-Sister Egelund
P.S. The zoo was awesome last week!

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