Monday, March 17, 2014

The Vietnamese are always deceiving me

Great story I forgot to tell a few weeks ago:
So the Thao Dien branch president, President Thanh, is from Vietnam and served his mission in the states. After his mission he went to school at BYU and met his wife, Lindsey, who's American. They were married two years ago and moved to Vietnam immediately after. Everyone always asks them when they are going to have children and I have heard them reply the same way each time, "It's all part of Heavenly Father's plan." Well, a couple weeks ago President Thanh and Lindsey came to YSA's family home evening. At the end of the activity President had us all gather together for a photo to send to Lindsey's family in America. The plan was this: The first two photos were going to be normal smiley poses, then the third photo was going to be silly faces. Right before we took the third photo President Thanh shouted "Lindsey is going to have a baby!!" It. Was. Priceless. Our jaws just dropped. Everyone was screaming and going nuts. Haha. Isn't that a great way to announce a pregnancy? Vietnam is heap loads of fun.
So yeah, President Thanh and Lindsey are going to have a cute little mixed Amerasian child like me! Just kidding. The child will for sure be cute though! All the members are hoping it's a boy so someday we can have another Priesthood holder. Always thinking ahead, right?
So that was fun. Some new, not so fun experiences lately:
...the meal when I ate snake.
I ate python...and a dog. PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME. With the python they told me it was chicken and with the dog they just told me it was barbequed meat! Totally not my fault.
Anh Nam, a guy from my English class was baptized yesterday! When I first started teaching English class in November he was just a quiet guy who seemed somewhat interested in the gospel. Once a week I would see him in class and I could see how he was slowly changing and loving the gospel more and more. Now, a few months later he is a baptized man! Plus, he is the first person ever to be baptized at the Than Son Nhat branch's building! Gosh, that guy is gold!

That's it for this week.
Lesson I learned:
Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles!
Egelund, out.
Ho Chi Minh City missionaries at the war history musuem. 

For the natives to get into the musuem it's only 2,000 - about 20 cents. For me to go into the musuem is 15,000 - 75 cents. Cheap...but I feel ripped off.

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