Sunday, April 20, 2014

Voldemort is a Lamanite

March 23, 2014

Oh uh helloa. (That's how we answer the phone in Vietnam)

It's Sister Egelund here, coming to you all the way from a gross internet shop in Vietnam,

We just wrapped up a successful week and we're anticipating another one with lots of lessons, lots of love and probs lots of weird experiences. Who knows what kind of goofy things are going to end up happening. We do plan to end this week with the baptism of Chi Anh Dao though! Anh Dao is a super sweet girl who's like 22 and loving life and has these awkward tendencies when nothing is said that makes me like her a million times more.

You know the quote by President Hinckley "Forget yourself and go to work"? I tried so hard doing that the first four/five months of my mission. I tried to completely forget about clothes, makeup, shopping, jokes, all of it! And for the past six months I have not felt like myself and I've felt so uncomfortable. I've realized that sometimes I just need to be Emily and go shopping a little and tell a joke every once in a while. There's a difference between losing yourself in the work and entirely changing who you are to fit the "perfect sister missionary" stereotype. I tried so hard to be the always smiling, cardigan wearing sister missionary that you see in The District that I've felt so awkward through this time. So, I tried to be a little more Emily and a little less Trinh this past week and now the sun is shining and I'm feeling like a 10!

I related Harry Potter to the Book of Mormon in the sense that you cannot just start in chapter 20 of Harry Potter and expect to understand the story. If you do that, you have no idea who the heck Voldemort is and it's just confusing. Same with the Book of Mormon, you have to read from the beginning to get the whole story.
Relating the Book of Mormon to Harry Potter totally made sense and for the first time in a long time I felt like myself!

Lot's of silly things have happened lately too. For example: 
-Many people think I'm a tourist and my companion is my translator...
-My skin is so dark that everyone honestly thinks I'm from India. So I'm now a classic Asian afraid of the dark and I wear a jacket, gloves and a mask when I go outside.
-My English class was getting boring the other day and I had extra time, so I improvised and I had a student teach us some yoga. 

Always an adventure here.

That's it for now!
Keep it real, folks. 

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