Saturday, May 3, 2014

Week one of the Trinh Twins.

April 27, 2014

This week was a real fun one! Sister Hunsaker and I had an interesting week of course. I mean, when you put two Americans together in Cambodia what do you expect? Here's a day-by-day recap starting on Thursday.

Thursday: Woke up bright and early in the morning and got on the bus to Cambam. Sister Vy and Sister Tien had to stay back and make arrangements for the investigators that got baptized on Sunday, so I had to go alone with the Elders. Super awkward. When we pulled up to the mission home everyone either thought that I was a sinner for losing my companion, or they thought I was a new sister. No I didn't ditch my companion, and NO I am not the newbie. I guess that's what happens when you're in Vietnam though. You become like a total outcast over there and no one knows who we are.
More fun with the Selfie Stick at the mission home during transfers.
Friday: Met with my new companion at the mission home and began the adventure. We had to take a tuk tuk to our new house and I filled the entire thing with my suitcases. Then we had to go pick up all of Sister Hunsaker's things...and again filled an entire tuk tuk with her suitcases. Something we have in common: We're shopaholics. That evening we went to the market to pick up some things so we wouldn't die of starvation. The elders who had previously lived in our apartment left for us some butter, syrup and lots of garbage...Grool. So we went to the market and realized not only do we not know how to cook anything, but we also don't know how to buy anything at the Khmer speaking market. We tried to wing it though and left with eggs, a cucumber, and some really expensive beef.
Tuk tuk selfies. Also I bought this thing that I like to call the 'Selfie Stick". It is a long stick that attaches to my camera making selfies so much easier! So be prepared for selfies more often.
 Saturday: We taught a lesson to an 80 year old investigator who has memory loss, and her blind son who only speaks English and Khmer. Her name is Ba Tro, and she is crazy. She said the opening prayer and begins by saying, "Heavenly Father, I don't know anything." Well okay then...She then proceeded to try and eat my companion and punch her. Old people are...funny.

That night we heard something fall outside of our room and automatically assumed that someone had broken into our house (a totally common thing here). After sitting in our beds like scared little girls we called the elders to save us. I'll give the elders a little credit and tell you they're pretty smart. They told us we had to go out and check the house first before they would call anyone to come and save us. After freaking out we walked in the hallway to find that nothing had happened. Better safe then sorry I suppose...The Elders also hate us now. For the record though, that house has been broken into before!

Sunday: Church...Well, President and Sister Moon came and announced that Cambodia will open it's first two stakes the end of May! Woohoo That is also the time of the twentieth year anniversary...SO ELDER HOLLAND IS COMING! This is one of those times that I am suuuuper grateful to be in Cambodia because Vietnam isn't going to get to see him, or so I've heard. So that was fun stuff. Then for the second and third hour the primary teacher didn't show up so Sister Hunsaker and I taught primary...Kids are also funny. We played red light green light for an hour then the kids wanted to play a game where they blindfolded themselves and had to find the other people in the room. I like to call that my daily exercise. Vietnamese kids are ruthless and they just attack you when you least expect it.
Kids playing their scary game in Primary class.
After church we had lunch with the other sisters in our house. They cooked the food that Sister Hunsaker and I bought at the market on Friday. Turns out the expensive beef we bought was actually buffalo...We really have no idea what we're doing here. Haha Things are great here! Serving in Vietnam and serving in Cambodia are COMPLETELY different. I never realized how nice V-nam was until I came here. There, I lived in a house with a receptionist, a cleaner and a security guy, here, our apartment has this old Cambodian man that just wears a skirt. There, I have a cute bike that is made for children, here, the entire pedal falls off my bike while I'm riding along. Over there, people understand what I am saying. Here, people just look at me like a boil is growing from my forehead or something. #TheGoodLife
That's it for this week, folks.
Be good and tell my siblings to write me emails or I will boycott you all like I did a few months ago.
Keep it real.
-Sister Egelund
Contacting at the zoo.

The last p-day in Saigon. I swear to you they just send the goofiest looking people to serve in this mission...

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