Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm too lazy to write a full story

This week I got a little smarter. No incidents buying buffalo meet or anything. Mainly because all I eat is cereal and mangoes. Literally, that is all that I eat. I have decided to jump on the malnourished missionary bandwagon... That's a thing.
Yesterday Sister Hunsaker and I went to visit an investigator at her house. When we pulled up she was outside with her friends holding this giant piece of fabric under a tree while someone was hitting the branches making fruit fall. Apparently it was a game...I don't get it. Anyway, she said she didn't want to meet with us then started speaking Cambodian so we just awkwardly moon walked away.

We had a couple hours until our next appointment so we went over to a members house. Once we got there we looked back and this like herd of children was following us. They kept telling us that we wanted to learn about Jesus. We said we would teach them and they were so excited that they ran away so they could bring all of their friends. 10 minutes later they were back with a ton of other kids. Then after we told them who Jesus was they ran away and got more of their friends.
They came back 5 or 6 times so I told them if they wanted to learn about Jesus they had to take us to their parents. So we had this parade of 15 Vietnamese kids guiding us down the streets taking us to their houses. We met their grandmas and sisters and their other friends and every single person in that neighborhood. It was pretty sicky sick.

I'm too lazy to actually write a full story, but here are some photos of that adventure.

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