Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jerry, Jerry!!!

May 18, 2014

Sorry I didn't email last week. If you have ever looked at InstaG or anything like that though you probably know that every missionary skyped home for Mother's Day. And all 80,000 of us were too lazy to write weekly emails home.

These past two weeks were intense. We ended this week with only teaching 5 full lessons. We managed to visit a good amount of people, but the heat is killing everyone. I have no idea how hot it actually is, all I know is that the minute you step outside all of your energy is gone and we legleglegit get sick after being out for a few hours. It's the worst. The people are lucky though because they just take a million showers in one day. A blind guy freaked out when I told him I only have time to take 2 showers a day...
This is called the 'Poop River'.
Anyway, here's the weekly recap:

Monday - Like I said, it was Skype time. I found out Joey the goldfish is dead. No worries. I just cried myself to sleep. Then we went to the grocery store where I bought instant noodles and cereal. #GetFit

Tuesday - The Young Ambassadors from BYU came and did a super cool show here in Phnom Penh. The coolest part wasn't the show though, the best part was that we were outside past curfew - 9 o'clock! AND IT WAS ALLOWED. Honestly it was really weird and Sister Hunsaker and I were exhausted. Haha at home I could stay up until 4 am without any problem. Look at me now.

Wednesday - I think that was the day that I walked outside of our bedroom and there was a cat there.

Thursday - Can't remember.

Friday - Sister Hunsaker and I went to an area down by the stinky river with the senior couples and helped them give out relief supplies to 30 + families that had their homes burned down.

The Scene of the fire...pretty scary.
Saturday - That night there was a branch activity so in the afternoon we biked over the bridge to go to a sisters home and help her cook for the activity. After cooking we left our bikes at her house and took a tuk tuk to the church. The activity was pretty fun other than the fact that our branch is incapable of playing games. Whatever though because we ate really good food. After the activity we took the tuk tuk back to the sisters house to get our bikes...but we were so full that we couldn't bike back home so we had to take a tuk tuk back to our house.
Sunday - Let's just say that going to church sometimes turns into a fight that's crazier than an episode of the Jerry Springer show.
Hula hooping because I wanted to show the kids how it's really done.

So that was my week.

Sorry not to many details, but this heat is exhausting. 

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