Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sincerely, all sisters in the world

May 25, 2014

Nothing too exciting to report on this week.

In celebration for serving nearly 10 months...and having to deal with Elders for 10 months I have put together a list of The Do's and The Don'ts for Elders. I have been designated as the advocate for all the sister missionaries that have head aches from the foolish things Elders do.
So here's the list:
The Do's for Elders - 

Do bleach your shirts so they are not disgustingly yellow. I can look at an Elder and be able to tell how long he has been in the field based on the yellow tint of his shirt.
Do cut your hair so you do not look like a father gorilla from behind. #RealExperience
If a sister falls off her bike and is bleeding, ask how she is first before asking if the bicycle is damaged.
Please, try to actually be helpful to the sisters instead of being stubborn teenage boys.
Be on time.
Look presentable.
Try to just be normal and not socially awkward. There is a difference between obedience and being a robot.
DO shine your shoes.
Wear a watch.
The Don'ts for Elders:

Don't be assigned to bike home with the sisters at night to make sure they get home safely, BUT bike so quickly that we are just left in the dust. Yes, that happens. Yes, you get yelled at by Sister Egelund if you do it.
Do not tell sisters your biased opinion of our clothing or the way we look.
Do not say phrases like "what the freak" or anything remotely similar to inappropriate words.
Don't wear scarves.
Do not ever, ever, ever talk back to the sisters. It's just like in high school - you make one girl mad and every other girl will have a problem with you.
Don't forget to give a sister a Priesthood blessing.
Don't talk bad about other missionaries in front of everyone.
Don't shake a woman's hand for more than 3 seconds.
Do not make stupid irrelevant jokes. Really, they're not funny to anyone other than you.
Don't take stuff without asking.

Don't expect the sisters to always have food for you.
Don't tell someone they're immature just because they're an 18 or 19 year old missionary.
Don't volunteer the sisters to do stuff for other people.
Don't be a hypocrite.
So those are some of the Do's and Don'ts for Elders. I'm mostly writing this because my younger brother Eric should be beginning his mission in one year. And Eric, if you are like some of the people I have met, I will show up to your mission and punch you in the face. #PMITF
#rantover #Idolovemymission #noteventrunky #peoplearecool #thisismylife

The Viet district here in Cambo! I have a really cool stick for my camera. We call it the Selfie Stick. Obviously it comes in handy.

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