Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Trinh Twins Takeover

June 1, 2014

I'm coming home, to the place where I belong...
Another sunny place. I'm lucky I know but I wanna come home...
Ahh home, let me come home. Home is wherever I'm with you...

Sorry, I am not coming home to Tooele for about 9 months, but I am going back to the homeland - Vietnam! And guess who my companion is? Sister Hunsaker/Chi Trinh! That's right, I'm staying with the same companion, just moving over to a new area. Actually not just a new area...a different country!

Season 2: The Trinh Twins Take Over Vietnam

So here's the rundown of the past week:

On Friday President Moon went to Vietnam to sign papers to continue the progress of the church in Vietnam. Apparently you have all heard of it already because it was in the news or something. Maybe everyone at home finally realizes how cool my mission is? Who knows.
Oh yeah, the missionaries got to sign in the 20th year thing. That was neato.
Saturday was the big celebration for the 20th anniversary of the church in Cambodia. It was cool. The AP's put me in charge of rallying up 40 or so missionaries against 3,000 or so Cambodian people to distribute food after the program. Well I did it and it was a 10. I also lost my voice, but the AP's said they would put in the good word to President Moon to make me an AP if I passed the test. They're liars. My dream of being a sister AP or sister district leader may never come to pass. Whatevs.

The food rally thing...Yeah, that's me down there yelling at people. Probably yelling at Elders who won't stand in their assigned spots.
 So for the past six weeks of this transfer I have been missing Saigon a lot, but everyone told me I would probably be returning after I serve in Cambo for a few transfers. But, they say I'm a dreamer, so I told everyone that not only was I going to go back this transfer, but I was also going to take the other Trinh with me. And look at what happened...Personal revelation, positive thinking and energy, plain ol' crazy. Call it what you will, but this is the craziest transfer EVER.

Oh hey, did I mention that this is the first time that two mixed people are going to be serving together in Vietnam, and the first time there has been a sister companionship in Vietnam with two Americans. Yeah, I'm pumped.
Saiiiii Goonnnnnnn

This is my best friend, Ba Tu. She's one of the oldest members and she has a hunchback. To say she's a million times cooler than all of you would be a definite understatement.
So yeah, wish me lots of luck next transfer. We're heading over on Friday, who knows when we'll see the good land of Cambodia again.

Egelund, out.

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