Thursday, July 24, 2014

I am a Visionary Woman

June 22, 2014

In world news:
Currently in Russia there is a large group of Vietnamese people that are interested in learning the Gospel. The only problem is that they don't speak Russian or English, and there aren't any Vietnamese speakers to teach them.
The Elders in Russia are teaching them in English, while having someone in Washington state translate to Vietnamese for them. There are a few young men who were recently baptized and for church meetings they Skype with our branch for Sunday School and Priesthood. Sounds like a hassle, right? Well, I have proposed a solution to both my mission president and theirs - transfer me to Russia! Viet speaking. Great idea right?

Okay, I sound like a crazy lady. Buuuuuut. Here's the but: When I was in Cambodia I had a dream that I was serving in Vietnam, but then I got reassigned and I was forced to choose between serving in Vietnam and serving in Russia. Crazy, right? And if you have a dream about it, it means it will happen...kinda like the time I had a dream I married The Jonas Brothers...

So yeah, if I get transferred to Russia don't get too freaked out. Just send me some coats if you can.

That's it for world news. 
I'm Asian and I'm obligated to take a picture at every meal.
Plus I need to get my money's worth out of the selfie stick.

Now back to Vietnam:
-Everything going on in Vietnam is currently revolving around everything going on in Brazil. There is World Cup stuff everywhere! I guess it's a big deal. Weird thing is I didn't even know what the World Cup was until last year...
-Everyone, and I mean everyone, thinks that I am from India...but they also think that Sister Hunsaker and I are twins. Legitimately, soooo many people have asked if we're twins. What in the world? We don't even look similar at all? Whatever though.
-It's rainy season...the rain is fuuuuuuunn...until you hear stories of trees falling down on people, or the wind blowing roofs off and hitting people on their motos, or even telephone wires falling down and electrocuting everyone in the flooded streets. 
Rain...lots of it...flooding our balcony...

Ha well on that note, I'm peacin' out. 

I'm Sister Egelund with ___ News. Until next time, goodnight.

Pics from Cambodia:
That time that I had to say goodbye to my favorite smoothie place...
his is my best friend in Cambodia, ba Cho.
And this is ba Cho's blind son...

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