Wednesday, July 30, 2014


July 14, 2014

First, I am not dead. 

I didn't get the chance to email last week because.....President Moon took us on vacation!! Okay, okay so it wasn't a real vacation, but it was the bees knees. President Moon had business to take care of here in Vietnam so he set up a day for all of the HCMC missionaries to go out to the Mekong Delta in western Vietnam. The Mekong Delta is a bunch of little islands surrounded by brown dirty water. It's pretty cool though and the best part was we got to go on a boat! Missionaries never go on boats, but I did, and it was the best.

Ridin on the river.
Still ridin on the river.

Being Gucci.
Trying to be a cute missionary and take memorable pictures.

Hmmm...what else has happened the past two weeks? 

-Sister Hunsaker and I are exercizing...that's been pretty interesting. Basically we just jump around and then lay in bed because we're so sore. #GetFit
-Speaking of Sister Hunsaker, we're breaking up. That's right, it's time for transfers again. Any guesses as to where I'm going?..THAO DIEN! My birth place! I spent my first six months there, left for three, and now I'm going back! I'm pretty stoked to go back, but also frowning because Tan Son Nhat has been tons of fun! Fortunately the two branches are pretty close and they do many activities together so I won't really have to say goodbye to anyone.
-Oh! It was the Fourth of July. I wish I could tell you that we did something exciting, but I was sick. We did sing 'America the Beautiful' at zone training though so that's...descent.

Here's my random gospel thought for the week:
A while back an elder asked me, "How can you measure your faith?" Pause for a minute and think. Really, how do you measure faith? Well, after lots of thinking I still have no answer, but I did have a differant, cool thought:

So for example, imagine that you won the lottery or something. How soon after winning would you think of and thank God? Now imagine you got in a major accident but survived. How soon after would you be grateful to God that you're alive? 

We would all like to respond by saying that we immediately think of our Heavenly Father because we know that we should always remember Him. But sometimes we put Him in the back of our mind and are slow to remember His blessings and the miracles He performs for us. So if you experience one of these things and within a minute think of Heavenly Father, you are a minute away from Him. If it takes you days, weeks or even years to recognize the Lord's hand in your life, that's how for away you are from Him. 

Now this is what we have to try to do: Always, and I mean always, think of Him. Remember that He is the reason for everything around us and the reason for everything that happens in our lifes! He's got the whole world in His hands! So trust Him! Always remember Him! And continually pray that you may have His Spirit with you.
I hope to be able to say that I am only one second away from my Father in Heaven. And I hope we will all be able to say that!

That's what I've got to say this week!

With lol (lots of love),
Sister Egelund

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