Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Temporary Returned Missionary

So if you read last weeks email you heard that I was going to go get the lump on my throat checked out...
Here's a recap of the week:
Monday - Went to an international medical center and met with the doctor. She immediately had me do some blood tests and then I was transported to another hospital for an ultrasound (Ultrasounds just make me think of Juno). The doctor was really awkward. I walked into the room and he didn't say a single word. He just pointed to the uncomfortable paper-covered bed and I assumed he wanted me to lay down.
Guess what? All of the rumors about ultrasounds that you've heard from pregnant ladies are true - that goo stuff is cold and gross.
So yeah that happened. I tried to take selfies for proof but it there was no photography allowed...

Tuesday - Went back to the hospital to get my results...

Woman doctor: "You need a biopsy."
Trinh Ly: "Where do I do that?"
Woman doctor: "I suggest you do it outside of Vietnam. You can go to Singapore, Hong Kong, or back to the States."

And that's what happened. I cried so hard for a solid 30 seconds then decided to be a big kid. Then spent the rest of the day stressing out and trying to get all the medical exams sent to Cambo so they could be sent to the area doctor in Hong Kong.

Wednesday - Sister Moon had told me she would call me back at about 4 in the afternoon to let me know what the area doctor suggested I do. 4 o'clock came and went...still no call...still lots of anxiety.

Finally at 9 PM President Moon called. Getting a call from the mission president is never a good thing. It's like when you're in school and they call you to the principals office. You want to believe he's asked to see you because you're a great student...but that's never it. Anyway, I don't really remember what he said. I just remember that after a whole bunch of talking it was decided that I needed to get on the early morning bus and get to Cambodia ASAP.

Then the anxiety got higher and in my moment of trial and fear I promised Elder Phat four boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats. That was very irrational.
Then I spent the night getting my bags packed...I didn't realize that I had accumulated so much junk. I thought that I would have no problem getting all of my stuff in those three pink suitcases...nope. It took three suitcases and four big boxes. #ClassicEmily

Thursday - Said bye to the four elders in my district and Mr. Hiep the security guy at the church. I gave the Elders my food...Elder Phat better thank me for those boxes of cereal. Honey Bunches of Oats is my life.
My cousin, Hoang, came to the church and gave me a Priesthood blessing. It was my first blessing I've received in Viet and it was a solid 10!
After peacing out Sister Tra and I jumped into a taxi that had a female driver...sups sketch. Sister Hunsaker and Sister Hong met us at the bus stop and it was like a horrible breakup. They bought me baked goods though so I didn't shed any tears.

5 That night we got the to mission home. I interviewed with President Moon to discuss what would happen and ultimately we decided it would be best for me to go home for further testing.

11 o'clock PM...I was on an airplane.

Friday: Home. They released me (not as cool as I thought it would be). And I became a normal person...

Saturday: Being normal is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Have you ever seen that movie Life Size with Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan. You know, the one where the Barbie doll comes to life? Yeah, well I'm the come to life Barbie doll that literally doesn't know how to do anything and eats plain butter.

Cool story right? I wish I could add a big fat JUST KIDDING...but it's true. So now I'm home and Tuesday I will go to the doctor. The doctor in Hong Kong says that it is probably one of three things: A schist, a thyroid nodule, or cancer. I along with everyone else doubt that it is cancer though. If it were cancer my blood  would probably be out of wack, but it's fine. Really everything with my health is completely normal, I just have this stupid lump! And if it's a schist or a thyroid nodule I should be healthy enough to go back out to the field!!

That's that. Don't worry about me too much, kay?! I know without a doubt that this is part of Heavenly Father's plan and there are things that I must learn from this. I already have so much more appreciation for my mission, and I know there are many other things I will learn through this experience! Remember, each one of our lives is in the hands of God. So don't stress, just trust Him!

I love you all! Thank you so much for all of your support during this crazy thing. And for all of you that are currently serving that receive this, remember YOSMO! You Only Serve A Mission Once so use this time the very best you can. We have the power to change lives!
I hope to be back in Cambam soon!

With toooooons of love,
Emily Egelund the RM :)

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  1. Hi Emily! So this might be a little bit weird because I don't know you, but my best friend was called to Cambodia and shortly after (6 months ago?) I found your blog and check it once in a while along with following you on instagram (bay_louise) sounds so much creepier than I feel like it should! But anyway I hope you are able to head back out on your mission soon! I love all of your pictures and you seem like a pretty neat person. :) I'll definitely remember you in my prayers :)