Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Don't Know What You Have...

I've always had this problem that I don't know what I have until it's gone. I know that's a generic line that people usually say after breakups or financial loss or something like that, but it is almost always true in my life. Until something or someone is out of my life I really don't understand just how much I love them. And I know that's an awful way to be, and believe me I'm trying to change. The Lord sees me and knows exactly who I am though and He knew for me to really appreciate missionary work I had to leave it. That week and a half at home was kind of rough. All of the things that I imagined would be fun to do really were not all that great. Honestly, all of the things I once loved were all just a disappointment. It's probably because I knew that that wasn't where I was supposed to be. I'm supposed to be here in Vietnam serving a mission.

Sister Bailey was crying when I arrived at the airport. Haha. She's the sweetest lady in the world!
I am so happy that all of this thyroid stuff ended up being a small thing. Thank you so much to everyone that kept me in their prayers! Being back feels great! Flying from SLC all the way to Cambodia with the huge group of missionaries was a lot of fun. When we got to Cambodia President and Sister Moon were waiting outside. It felt like coming to Cambodia for the first time (except this time I was I was already familiar with Cambodia's unique smell.)

Now I'm back in Vietnam! Same branch, different companion. This is now my seventh transfer in this one branch! I might as well get my membership records moved here because it just feels like home. My new companion is Sister Thi. She's the younger sister of my former companion, Sister Tra. For the past year Sister Thi has been serving in the Khmer speaking program so her Vietnamese has gone down a bit. She's worried about her language skills but she shouldn't be because I'm one of the best Vietnamese teachers ever (said no one ever.) Sister Thi speaks four languages - Vietnamese, Khmer, Chinese and English. This morning when we were reading Preach My Gospel together I read in Vietnamese and she read in Chinese. 

Sister Hong is now a free woman...I mean a returned missionary.
This weekend we watched General Conference. Last week I watched it in the states at Temple Square and this week again here in Vietnam! I could tell you all of the awesome things I learned but that would take a load of time; plus I know that every other missionary already emailed home about everything that was said. One quick idea though - sometimes we receive personal revelation and don't understand why we're supposed to do something. But we just gotta trust in Heavenly Father and take that step into the dark using our faith and go for it!
Mid-General Conference lunch..the greatest time of year.

I love you ALL!

-Sister Egelund

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