Thursday, October 23, 2014

Get Fit

I would like to refer to this week as "Get Fit" week. We exercised a lot! Each morning we actually got out of bed and went out exercising. That was a miracle because we were ending each day completely exhausted from contacting. The Holy Ghost can lift you out of trouble in times of peril, and also lift you out of bed when you're drowsy. 

Recently we haven't had many investigators so we're putting a lot of time into contacting and trying to find those people that are ready for the gospel!
It isn't contacting unless you find a cool place to take a selfie.
All of that contacting is part of the reason that this is Get Fit week. We walked everywhere we went and we walked and walked and walked like those little pioneer children. It was fun to wander around all of the little alleys and see how those people live a different life style compared to the people on the bigger roads of the city. They're a lot more relaxed. We met a huge group of old people just sitting out on the street drinking coffee and waiting for the winning lottery numbers to be announced. They were cool, but they think they're too old to learn English so contacting them was a bust. They made a huge fuss about the Cambodian and Indian girl that could speak Vietnamese though so all the neighbors came outside and we contacted them! Because we don't wear name tags and we don't really have the freedom to tell people exactly who we are, people always think that I'm a nun...that's always cool.

Can you all do me a favor? I want you to all go to your local nail salon and introduce the gospel to all of the Viet ladies that work there. Most of those women still have relatives that live in Vietnam. So, once they learn the gospel, get them to refer their family members to me! Okay?! I don't know about you, but that's what I call unity in the work of salvation! I promise you that this works too! So many of our members are people that were referred by family members in America! So c'mon and help a sister out!

Me and my boy Justin Timberlake.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, Sister Thi and I are the sister training leaders for Vietnam! But we're only leaders over one companionship of sisters - Sister Hunsaker and Sister Tra. Tra and Thi are biological sisters, and Sister Hunsaker and I are most than likely twins separated at birth. So exchanges should be interesting. All 5 of the sisters that came into the field from the MTC with me are now sister training leaders too. So leadership training meeting with President Moon should be fun little reunions. Or they're just going to want to hug a lot...I hate that.

The Elders really disappointed me this week when I found out that none of them are Eagle Scouts. I don't know what it is, but when I hear someone say that they are not a scout I literally cringe. I mean, how am I supposed to trust them when I know that they can't even tie a know or make something as basic as a boondoggle. What happens if we're in some sort of emergency out in the forests of Vietnam? We'll be dead men! #UpsetBeyondComprehension

I hope that you know that all things said in today's email were not sarcastic at all...

They are remodeling our apartment building and the roof is BEAUTIFUL. I just might move to Vietnam after this mission because the new houses are gorgeous. So here's a pic of Sister Thi and I kickin it old school.

I love you all, 

Sister Egelund

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