Wednesday, September 10, 2014


August 10, 2014

This week. 
I liked it.
On Tuesday morning we went over to Cambodia to renew my Visa and I went out on exchanges with Sister Litchfield for a few days. It's always fun to have the opportunity to serve together again after being companions with each other in the MTC. Sister Litchfield is a really hard worker and she is super diligent which is perfect because that's the Christlike attribute that I've been trying really hard to work on - Diligence! #ThingsMissionariesSay
Anyway, we had a good time and we were able to contact a lot of people! Honestly, I hate contacting. I mean, who really likes it though? You have to go walk around under the blazing sun and talk to people who are total strangers. BUT in the end you find super amazing people and you become "forever friends" with them! 

On Wednesday night we had English class so "Elder Cambo Tran" (A Vietnamese Elder who is in the Khmer program) had us stand on the streets with posters inviting people to come to a FREEEEE English class! If any of you remember my prom campaigning in high school you know that I'm really good at going out on the streets and yelling at people...
That's probably my best talent and I def haven't lost it while serving a mission! In the end English class was a hit! I even contacted this white guy from London...who was on drugs...and claims that Quinten Tarantino wrote the Bible. Super awesome guy to say the least.

One sad thing happened while I was in the Cambo - I found out that there is no way I can become assistant to the president. I mean, life gets tough sometimes but I have a testimony that in times of trial we simply have to pray. Okay okay just kidding. Well, not kidding, you should pray. And also not kidding because I was devastated. Life goes on though...

And that's what happened this week.

Be cool. Be you.

-Sister Egelund

Photo 1: I bought 18 boxes of cereal because it was buy one get one free.
Photo 2: You can't really tell but that's the view of a double rainbow from the top of the Saigon bridge.
Photo 3: The Zone.

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