Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Book of Mormon + Law and Order

August 17, 2014

You know why I like my mom?
Because she does funny things like secretly coming to Vietnam, getting sick from eating random food, and then goes to the hospital and refers people to the church. So shout out to Mama Hương for referring to us our most recent investigator...who has already accepted to be baptized in October!

So this kid is awesome! His name's Duy and he's in his third year of college in the city. He's really shy, but just a super sweet, genuine guy! It's kind of hard to get him talking, but him and my cousin Hoàng have become pretty good friends so they share a lot with each other! Like I've said from the very beginning, the Trịnh/Egelund family is doing the Work of Salvation together! In the words of my favorite Disney Channel original movie, "We're all in this together."

Speaking of all being in this together - what have you done recently to be a member missionary?
This is my friendly reminded for you all to follow Elder Ballard's commitment to invite four people a year to learn about the restored gospel.
I'm really grateful for my mom inviting Duy to come to church because now Sister Trà and I have the opportunity to teach an investigator! It's been a while since I've had the chance to teach an investigator, so I'm really excited about this. It's really hard to be here and be a missionary when there's no investigators to teach. I mean, teaching members and recent converts is awesome! But when you meet an investigator and you see that they're ready - they want to be baptized, they keep commitments, and the Spirit testifies to them and to you that the things you are teaching are true - that's the best feeling. 
So, help the missionaries out and refer us your friends, your family, your colleagues, your neighbors, anyone and everyone! The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone so just take a chance and invite them to learn. Invite. That's all you have to do. Then the missionaries will take the reigns and teach! Please and thank you!

Moving on to the next topic in my typical incoherent email:

-You know what I don't miss about home? Commercials on TV. 
I don't know why I thought about this the other day, but I really don't miss things like Proactiv commercials telling me I need to buy random stuff to make my face nicer.

-Have you ever read the book of Helaman in the Book of Mormon? Most of it is really cool stories of trying to figure out who killed who and while reading iIt I just imagine it like that show Law and Order. Am I the only one who feels like this?...

Last but not least, I miss sitting with my family during sacrament meeting at church! That's something we do at home that they don't do here and I hate it. It's hard because they drive moto's to church so everyone in the family gets there at different times and it's hard to find seats all together, but sitting as a family at church is really important! So there's another thing to add to my list of things I miss from home.

Sister Egelund, over and out.
Dueces (I'm trying to get that to catch on in Vietnam...)

Photo 1: Look at these clouds and tell me that's not the coolest thing ever. I was riding my bike down the street and stopped for probably over 5 minutes to just stop and stare! They were amazing!

Photo 2: Caption missing, really, Emily didn't say anything about this one. But doesn't she look great anyway? 

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